Existing Factory Upgradation

  • Upgradation / revamping existing factory in terms of factory expansion, modernization, machine installation, new process implementation, facility planning & implementation
  • ISO 9001:2008 implementation through training, shop floor up gradation and technical guidance, hence certification by agencies i.e. TUV, BSI, DNV etc.
  • Implementing methodology in production planning and control, for better delivery and better customer satisfaction.
  • Rejection/defect analysis by SQC and reduction upto 20%
  • Factory/Office improvement implementation in terms of safety, 5S, FIFO, visual control system etc through TQM
  • Integration of Production- Stores- Material Handling
  • Drawing & drafting, hard to soft copy, 3D modeling
  • Training – One of our main services is industrial training, to impart employee’s professional edge for personality development and proficiency improvement.
    • Personality development
    • Teamwork & leadership
    • Systematic working
    • Decision making
    • Communication skill
    • Attitude & motivation
    • Industrial Safety
    • 5S & housekeeping
    • FIFO (First in first out)
    • Quality awareness & compliance
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Production planning & control
    • Rejection analysis & reduction
    • Modern storage practice

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