Green Field Factory / Warehouse / Cold Storage Execution & Project Management

Green Field Factory / Warehouse / Cold Storage Execution & Project Management

We provide one umbrella solution as under

  • Project report preparation
    The first step towards implementing the project.
  • Land survey
    To attain the configuration, area , boundary wall of the land.
  • Factory master layout
    It is the brain of the entire project, which gives an overview for the entire operation.
  • M/C layout
    The selection of machines, specific to the industry and arranging them for best material flow.
  • Electrical layout
    The entire power distribution, through Transformer- LT Panel- End user.
  • Safety layout
    Fire safety plans with hydrant system, fire extinguishers and other safety devices.
  • Storage & handling integration
    Integration for best production output.
  • Civil design
    The step after planning stage is the designing before we proceed for field execution.
  • Technical supervision during Execution
    Inspection compliance as per design and specification in every step.
  • Project Management
    The total coordination, communication and implementation to match project schedule.
  • Supplier Management
    Gathering supplier information, helping clients for order finalization and entire coordination with the selected supplier to execute the project.
  • Project handover
    We help in project commissioning and smooth handover of the same.

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